The treatment is based on the knowledge of the doctor and researcher Dr. F. X. Mayr (1875- 1965). He discovered that through a special treatment of your stomach, the whole body can become healthier.

Your personal treatment is led by a specially trained doctor who is trained in the diagnosis and therapy methods according to F. X. Mayr. Any possible problems with your internal organs can be diagnosed in this way, many years before you feel any pain.

The milk and bread diet is specially designed to teach you how to chew correctly, which is important for the care of your intestine. Massage, bathing, exercise and fresh air all encourage your body to detoxify itself.

In order to clean your intestines you will need to drink saline solution. Getting your intestine to work properly is achieved by the medical stomach treatment. Through this, the stomach area is unblocked and your intestine muscles gain more tension. Your stomach will become smaller, and your posture will improve. Not only chronic illnesses can be minimised or cured in this way, but also the activation of the self-healing process, as a precaution again future illnesses, is a result of the therapy.

In the F. X. Mayr Bodensee Centre, you can regain the power you need to live a full life. Transformed insided and out, you will then have the inspiration for continued sensible eating habits.