The most precious thing we have is our health. It is worth paying attention to what we come into contact with, what we use and enjoy. Therefore, the concepts of originality and purity also belong to the concept of quality. The products we place our trust in should be as natural and genuine as possible. The Ariashop only offers products that are manufactured using gentle techniques without additives. So that the natural substances can fully unfold their effect - and help to increase your well-being.

The selection you will find here is the result of our work at the Gesundheitszentrum über dem See, an F.X-Mayr health centre on Lake Constance. Ten years of exploration, experimentation and comparison have led to the selection that this shop has to offer. Only what we ourselves find good can be found on these pages, which are manufacturer-independent and do not want to offer everything possible, but rather what can support your health every day in a particularly meaningful way: fine oils and teas, nutritional supplements, and carefully selected literature.