The F. X. Mayr therapy is supported through natural methods of rejuvenation. Therefore, the doctor will select individual methods of therapy that are matched to your personal preferences and needs. Natural healing methods are the centre of the therapy. To improve the purification and detoxification therapy, we use healing aids that have been used from the beginning of natural medicine. In order to achieve this, we use stimuli such as pressure, heating & cooling methods, water, movement and stillness in a meaningful combination to assist your treatment. The goal of the individual therapy is that the body stimulates its own healing powers of resistance and frees itself of toxins.

The improved circulatory system and metabolism also helps to achieve this. Massage and drainage of the lymph glands stimulate your blood circulation and organ metabolism, and support the detoxification process. With foot reflexology massage we aim to improve the working processes of all your internal organs. Water and warmth treatments cleanse your skin and stimulate the correct functioning of your organs. Sauna and steam baths are also proven to be helpful for the therapy. Finally you have the opportunity to improve your personal physical and mental well-being, and bring yourself back to a balanced state through exercise, muscle relaxation, yoga or qi gong.


The physical treatments cover gymnastic, massages, progressive muscle relaxation, reflex zone massages and yoga. Inner organs, organ metabolism and the circulatory system will be effected through messaging on the skin.

The progressive muscle relaxation raises the self-perception and the sensitivity for tension. This relaxation mode influences a very wide spectrum of health problems : from tension headache due to improper regulation of muscels, nervous and circulatory system, to depressions and feeling of tension.

The reflexology massage works with the conection of the feet to far away situated organs. The inner organs that are connected to the skin of the feet by 72.000 nerve cords, are expected to stimulate. Yoga contains breath control, hygenic provisions and physical exercises (asanas). These physical activities are mostly streching exercises, with whom the functions of the body can be optimized.


Our balneological treatments encourage the detoxication of the skin and its regeneration. The Soft-Pack-System interacts with heat and external natural substances under F.X. Mayr’s course of treatment, which also supports the treatment of other various symptoms. An olive oil package can be applied against rheumatic diseases and inflammable skin diseases

A detox package activates the lymphatic system and helps eliminating toxic elements. A night candle oil package completes the treatment of dermatological symptoms. Hydrotherapy with baths works along with pharmacological ingredients for pressure on the Vegetativum, respiration, the metabolism, and the musculoskeletal system. The lift eases. Schiele’s raised foot bath leads the congested blood in the internal organs into the cycle, which is trained in this way.


The "PHARMOS NATURE - Green Luxury" cosmetic is based on the quality of the contact. Fine brushes and soft hand-movements encourage the stimulation of the lympf glands.

You can see and feel the intensity and efficacy of our valuable products on your skin after a treatment. You can also trust this quality in particular if you have sensitive skin. The highlight of your PHARMOS NATUR treatments is the application of our very special fresh Aloe Vera leaves. Your skin completely absorbs this moisturising juice. The many active ingredients are transported to your cells, which they repair and regenerate. The ageing process can now slow down significantly, leaving you with wonderful skin which radiates freshness and vitality.You feel a pure sense of well-being throughout your whole body! With PHARMOS NATURE, you will experience the unique and regenerative effect of selected adaptogenic healing and rejuvenative plants.